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BA Theatre and Screen: Technical Arts and Special Effects

Technical Arts and Special Effects at Wimbledon is a unique pathway on the Theatre and Screen course. We teach a wide range of professional technical skills aimed at the film, television, theatre, and exhibition industries. We understand the term ‘Special Effects’ to mean the use of technology to enhance our imagination. Our aim is to develop skilled communicators, confident collaborators, and inventive problem solvers who design, create and make for the broad spectrum of special effects used throughout the creative, performance and entertainment industry.

The pathway is taught through a series of integrated and self-generated projects some of which are collaborative between students from Technical Arts and Special Effects and other Theatre and Screen pathways.

The pathway has a strong industry focus and has close links with many of the leading UK companies in the creative and entertainment industry offering students opportunities for work experience and placements during their course, and employment beyond.

Grant Hicks
Pathway Leader