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BA Theatre and Screen: Costume Interpretation

Costume Interpretation at Wimbledon is a subject that appeals to students who are passionate about costume in Theatre, Film and Television, and who enjoy the creative process of making. The pathway aims to enable students to be challenged and achieve the highest quality of work, and at every stage this is supported with intellectual rigour.  

This group of graduating students have much to offer, not only with their skills, but in their willingness to learn and determination. Their work is varied and exciting. The Ordinary Lives project tells the stories of migrants from those fleeing the French Revolution to more contemporary characters.  The Designed Costume choices were all 18thC, from Paul Brown’s designs for Hippolyte et Aricie, Chloe Lamford’s designs for the National Theatre’s Amadeus or from Pantoschematismo, an original book of 18thC Baroque Costume designs.  Their final Own Choice provide an eclectic collection of Ballet, Tailoring, Couture and Edwardian Tea Gowns. 

Their tutors wish them every success in their future careers.

Elizabeth Dawson
Pathway Leader