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BA Theatre and Screen: Costume Design

Costume Design at Wimbledon offers the opportunity to develop the creative abilities essential to design costumes for a range of live and recorded performance. The program is concentrated on developing individual student’s talents, both intellectually and in their understanding of this specialism, as well as their 2D and 3D work with characters and story-telling. This is achieved by working on a variety of design projects in close collaboration with visiting professionals, directors, designers and choreographers.

This year’s theme has been Migration, resulting in a wonderful collection of thoughtful and creative constructed costumes. Working with the ResCen (Research Centre) at Middlesex University and the London Contemporary Dance Theatre Archive has resulted in wonderfully re-imagined dance works. Three contemporary short film scripts have focused on the international nature of the industry and the classic plays The Balcony by Genet and The Importance of Being Ernest by Wilde, have explored absurd power struggles and the British class system.

This year’s cohort have been a delight to support as they have taken on each challenge and found their way of seeing and telling. It has been a privilege to be part of their journey. Now ready to leave Wimbledon and spread their wings, most capably, I wish them all good fortune.

Abigail Hammond
Pathway Leader